Clarke County Baptist Association

Contending as ONE for the Faith of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Stave Creek Baptist Church invites Students 8th through 12th grades to join them in their mission trip to Orlando. Students will be participating in the Love Orlando mission venture July 25 through July 29th.

Clarke County Baptist Association week of prayer for Associational Missions will be Sunday May 21st through Sunday May 28th.  A special offering will be received during this week for the Associations operations budget.  This year's Associational Missions Offering Goal is $10,000. If each Church committed to give $250 towards this years Missions Offering the goal of $10,000 would be surpassed! Step out and lead your church to accept this commitment. It is all about reaching the lost in Clarke County Alabama.

The Barnabas Group is a meeting time for Youth Ministers and Youth Leaders of Clarke County Baptist Association churches. It is an opportunity for those who work with youth to build friendship, share resources and ideas, encourage our walk of faith and plan Associational Youth events.

Clarke County Baptist Association Strategy of Evangelism
Our goal is to locate every home, identify every person, initiate witnessing conversations, invite every person to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ in Clarke County by the year 2020.